Eat Your Heart Out, Martha Stewart

I'm totally doing this . . .

Make a Disco Ball with CDs

. . . right after I finish the zillion other arts and crafts projects I want to do. Like, uhm, make and send my Christmas New Year's cards, put together some stationery sets to give away as gifts, maybe crochet a little afghan for some friends who are infanticipating, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I did finish a few cards early last fall, though — hover over the (somewhat blurry!) images for additional comments.

Sun - Moon - Stars Theme
I love this collage stamp.
I found these butterfly-shaped cards at
I found this technique in a magazine
Two different sets of small butterfly stamps
I have a lot of shell-themed stamps too

I was going to make my Christmas cards look something like this, but I didn't like how it was turning out.

So I thought I would try something with a 'Think Snow!' concept instead, but I didn't like how these turned out either.


  1. I like the pear card, and how you did the flower stamp with the slash of white/full-color.

    Get on those New Year's cards!

  2. I am sure that mine must have gotten lost in the mail :)

    We are only doing one mailing this year - a baby announcement instead of Christmas cards. We did the same when my son was born three years ago.

    One event, one mailing.