Friday Timewaster: Behind the Typeface — Cooper Black

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black — By Cheshire Dave Beckerman

This mockumentary — Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black — is a hoot.

Ah, the inimitable Cooper Black! — described by the designer as “for far-sighted printers with near-sighted customers.”

I found it ages ago, and told the other proofreader and the graphic designer about it. We had a good laugh, and then I filed it away for a snowy day.*

Also interesting**:

*Today qualifies, all right. The heat is on the fritz at the office, too. The other proofreader and I are thisclose to telling the nun (the only other person in here today) that it's too cold and we have to go home. It's about 55 or 65, depending on which end of the space you're in. It's not bothering me that much, though, because I have on a turtleneck and a heavy wool sweater that I bought from the Gap sometime in 1993. Cozy!

**Okay, maybe only to graphic design geeks.

***Which is where the quoted statement comes from.

****Lovers of typos?

*****I actually have nothing to say about this. It just looked naked without any asterisks.

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