Movin' On Up . . . To Second Place

After two weeks of coming in third, last night we came in second. At this rate we should be in first place in February!

I have a ton of notes, but I'm not in the mood to type them all up. Maybe tomorow . . . I was actually (momentarily) swamped with real work today at the office, and then I went to see Juno on $5/free popcorn night, and now that I'm home I have to get busy on a freelance project. So, for all two of you* who like to know how many points we got in which categories, you'll just have to wait. I'm anticipating some free time tomorrow afternoon, actually, so I'll probably come back and flesh this out a bit then.

Here's a tidbit to tide you over:

Our prize pack pretty much sucked. Christine said she almost wished it was like it was at Brendan's: Pony up $5 to play, and have the chance of taking home a quarter or half of the pot at the end of the night. Instead, we won a giant Fisher-Price–esque 35mm camera (with built-in flash!) and some leftover shirts. Oh, and a small tote bag with the Bass logo. Whee. Even Mike D said something along the lines of he couldn't think of a prize pack that would be less suited toward a team of women.

*Oh wait: I went to the movie with Missy, and I already recapped most of the high points for her, so I guess that's down to one.


  1. Is that me? Am I the one? I'm waiting for the details. And the prize pack does sound sucky.

  2. Yep, you're the one. And I already posted this bit on your blog:

    "For now, just ask yourself if you know the difference between the Velvet Underground and the Digital Underground."

    so I'm sure the curiosity is reaching a level that is harmful to cats.

    Or something.

    Uh-oh. Nun headed this way. Evasive action!