Maybe I Won't Buy His Book After All

Ken Jennings has a new book out, and I was thinking of getting it. He's on tour, and in one of his posts from the road he says:

If you’re in the St. Louis area, the trivia night at the Schlafly Tap Room tomorrow evening sounds like it’s going to be quite the event. I predict it will be to the off-the-cuff trivia signing in New York what the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions is to your high school teacher running a Jeopardy! game from the blackboard on days when she didn’t have a lesson plan. So stop by and say hi.

Meet me in St. Louis (free admission with book purchase)

Random thoughts:

  • My friend in St. Louis was going to take me to the Schlafly Bottleworks and do a brewery tour, but it was closed for the holiday. The next time I visit, I'll have to find out when they do trivia night at the Tap Room, and make sure we go.

  • Will Ken Jennings come to Cleveland on his book tour? If so, will he stop by Pub Quiz?

  • Hey Mr. Smart Aleck: Sometimes a Jeopardy!-like game is part of the lesson plan. I've proofed at least a half-dozen curriculum units that use it. So there.

Here's his trivia night recap:

The big trivia night at the Schlafly Brewery (run by Phyllis Schlafly’s nephew, I discovered) was, indeed, a really big sheeww. The upstairs club room was filled almost to capacity–I’m guessing more than 150 people–and it wasn’t the traditional Jeopardy!-hardcores that I usually see at signings. St. Louis is, I was told repeatedly, a Big Trivia Town. I assumed this meant bar trivia nights, which is what makes, say, Boston or San Francisco a Big Trivia Town. Nope. In St. Louis, you have the Kiwanises or Calvary First Pentecostal, not O’Shaughnssey’s and O’Leprechaun’s, to blame for the trivia.

Trivia nights there are fundraisers for local schools or organizations or whatever, and devotees can bring their teams to two or three a week if they like. This blows my mind. Why didn’t I know about this? Trivia fundraisers like this are commonplace in the UK, but I know of only a handful of similar events in North America. If I’d known about you a couple years ago, St. Louis, there probably would have been another chapter in Brainiac.

Do you miss me, Miss Missouri, like you say you do?

In today's weekly trivia quiz, he asks what color Mr. Yuk is. I'm hoping all the questions at pub quiz tonight are that easy!

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