It's Grady Day!


Tonight the Cleveland Indians Press Tour comes to my neck of the woods . . .

I thought I would do a little Googling to see if anyone has posted anything about some of the other stops on the tour, and I came across this insightful passage and lovely action photo from last year's tour on Welcome to the Monkey House:

Grady Sizemore signing in Columbus - Image borrowed from Welcome to the Monkey House

Every woman in Ohio (and perhaps beyond) would like to have freaky monkey sex with Grady Sizemore. I'm not going to knock the kid. He's got a pretty good life right now. Couple that in with the fact that we got he and Cliff Lee for the artist formerly known as Bartolo Colon (whom we wouldn't have been able to re-sign anyway), and Shapiro gets a little pat on the back. Robbery.

So, maybe tomorrow I'll have some stories* and photos of my own.

* Perhaps of freaky monkey sex? Rowr!


  1. So, going to try and "round the bases" with Grady are you? Do you think that baseball players think the way we do that way? "Hey, I got to first base with that pitcher, maybe next time, I'll score." :)

  2. Snerk!
    I never thought of that . . . Maybe I'll add that to my list of things to ask him when I see him.