Last-Minute Planning

So, I'm chillaxin' at my sister's place . . .

She's throwing some clothes in a tote bag and I'm supposed to be looking up the appropriate subway stops for our ramble around Greenwich Village tomorrow.

We're going to pick her husband up from work around 6 tonight and head down to our luxurious accommodations at the Super 8. I get to drive us down the thruway — whee!

Sadly, I only brought my iPod and not a carefully curated selection of the best of my Now That's What Amy Calls Music! mix CDs, so I will be subject to the whims of their CD collection (Think: Iron Maiden. Lots of Iron Maiden) or the radio, since I neglected to grab my TransPod gizmo from my car. Grrr!

Anyhow, the Magnolia Bakery is an excellent suggestion. I'm highly intrigued by Dylan's Candy Bar as well. There are some yarn stores my sister's interested in up along that way, so we may hit it on Friday.

As to how to spend the rest of the afternoon: We might do a double feature of Balls of Fury and Superbad. Have I mentioned that I saw Superbad last week on $4 night? It's superawesome. I highly recommend checking it out. Perhaps even for full price.

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  1. Nothing wrong with Iron Maiden. Lots and lots of Iron Maiden.