The Return of Mike D's Pub Quiz

Oh, I'm so excited!

Greetings useless factoid aficionados!

After a few month hiatus, the pub quiz season is upon us yet again. To thwart the numerous phone calls I receive each week inquiring as to the next location for a pub quiz, I can finally announce the venue!

Starting this coming Tuesday, September 11th, and continuing every Tuesday for 13 weeks, The Claddagh Irish Pub
located in Crocker Park (across the street from our old locale) will be hosting me and a pub quiz every week. This will be a departure from the standard "miked version" of a quiz, and will prove to be truly
  • Signup is at 6:30 pm every Tuesday. The quiz will go until approximately 9:00 pm.
  • No admission charge!
  • Prizes will be awarded throughout the event.
  • The first-place teams from each week will meet in a final, gloves-off, throw-down battle for a trip to Ireland in either December or January!
  • The length of the quiz will be between 20-40 questions each week!

I'm very excited to get back into the pub quiz season. Hopefully you can make this a part of your week! I look forward to seeing you there.

Questions, concerns, comments or recipes, email me!


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  1. Wow, right over to the competition! That's cold.

    So since he clearly states "This will be a departure from the standard 'miked version' of a quiz, and will prove to be truly entertaining!" I guess we can infer that his old version was never actually entertaining? ;)