I Totally Want This: Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket Stub Diary

Never forget those front row seats at a Bruce Springsteen concert, the standing ovation at the premiere of the Lion King or the roar of the crowd when the Red Sox won the World Series. With this Ticket Stub Diary you can preserve your precious memories from concerts, museums,movies, sporting events, Broadway shows and more. Comes with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus space in the margin to write down your memories from the event. Acid-free pages will preserve your memories; so that one day you can tell your grandkids that you met The Boss.

I totally had this idea a few months ago, except I was going to be all D-I-Y with a classic composition book, a pen, and some glue. Oh, and some stickers to decorate the covers, much like I did with this notebook I've been using as an offline Amazon Wish List/Netflix Queue/Grand Repository for My Great Ideas, of Which I Have Many.

Media Journal — Front Cover
Media Journal — Back Cover

I sort of cut off the edges in the photos, but I have large color-coded Post-it flags with category labels attached to the divider pages: Music, Books, TV, Movies, Arts/Crafts.

Hmm. Based on these and other customer comments on Amazon, I might be better off with doing it myself:

What I don't think was adequately mentioned in the product description (or else I missed it) is that the book is made up of different pages for different size tickets -- and if you're like me and want to use it for just concert tickets, that leaves a substantial number of pages that don't work as well...including several just-one-opening-per-page pages.

It would be nice to have the flexibility to change the order of the pages, so you could put tickets (regardless of size) in chronological order.

There are adhesive tabs included that are supposed to only stick permanently to the album pages (and act kind of like a post-it on the tickets themselves.) I'm not sure if I'd really trust that, but at least that would enable one to secure smaller tickets in a larger opening.

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