I Totally Want This: Schtickers

How about a laptop makeover? Personalize your laptop with color and design, with the added bonus of keeping it scratchless. LapSchticks are easily applied to the top of any laptop. They come off as easily as they go on, so you change your mind on the design at any time. When you're ready for your next look, simply remove the current LapSchtick and try another. One size fits most - follow the lines and trim to fit any computer.

Fun prints include red blossom, pink gerber daisy, black skull, blue snappy stripes, green asterisk and black racy ··· High-quality vinyl with an amazing removable adhesive ··· Removable and reusable ··· Dimensions: 13.7" x 10" ··· One size fits laptops with screens 12" to 17"

Who needs color-coordinated laptop cases when you can decorate with these? Again, this is something I could D-I-Y since I have a giant binder full of stickers. Unlike the sticker books I maintained in grade school, this notebook is full of unused stickers in plastic page protectors, ready and waiting to be used. I keep meaning to put some on my other two Myndology notebooks (I have some hibiscus stickers and a vintage-y faux luggage label from a hotel in Hawaii on my pink one, and they look great. Really jazz it up.) and I'm going to need to do something to my Moleskine City Notebook: NYC to differentiate it from my sister's. Maybe I'll dig out the rest of that sheet of luggage labels and see if there's something smallish that will look proportionate.

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