U.B.B.L.: Ultimate Bubble-Blowing League

I was going to use the U.B.B.L. as a timewaster last week, but decided that there were too many hi-larious bits on the site that needed to be mentioned.

I can't decide if my favorite part is the faux press conference from the commissioner of the Ultimate Bubble-Blowing League (that would be LeBron) or all the ancillary materials:

  • Create your own trading cards for your bubble-blowing team by uploading a photo, choosing a background design, and typing in stats.

  • Make your own t-shirt by downloading the logos and printing them on iron-on transfer paper.

  • Write your own newspaper story about your team to print and hang in your room. It comes complete with a photo of LeBron and quotes from him about how great you are at blowing bubbles.

  • Use an official caliper to measure your bubbles. (You can either download and print a PDF to make your own, or request a plastic one from Bubblicious.)

A bubble meter is used to measure the size of a chewing gum bubble blown by Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James at the kickoff of Bubblicious, the Ultimate Bubble-Blowing League, at King's Academy Basketball Camp in Akron, Ohio, June 22, 2007. James is the official commissioner of the new free, online league for kids ages 8 and older. REUTERS/Cadbury Adams/Ray Stubblebine/Handout (UNITED STATES)

I don't know if he's chewing his official flavor in this photo or not. My sister actually sent me a bunch of LeBron's Lightning Lemonade when it first came out. It's not bad. I might still have some kicking around my apartment somewhere.

Right now I'm just going to delve into the stash of Dubble Bubble in my bottom desk drawer.

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