This Week in Netflix: Volume 9

My TV watching/taping schedule is almost empty since it's the season of reruns. I am watching Rescue Me because I love Denis Leary and am willing to forgive the fact that the show lengths are all odd and my tape keeps cutting off in the last half of the final scenes. (You know why? They do some excellent previouslys at the start of every episode.) I'll give Burn Notice which premieres tonight — a shot since I remember Jeffrey Donovan from Touching Evil, which was also on USA. I'm probably the last person still watching Studio 60, but it hardly matters because the last episode of that show is on tonight. I think The Loop wraps up next Sunday, so that leaves only the late night faux-news shows and talk shows.

To fill the void, I bumped all the TV-on-DVD items to the top of my Netflix queue. I already watched season 1 of The Loop, and this week was devoted to two Darren Star productions: Grosse Pointe and Kitchen Confidential. They're both funny and I enjoyed them a lot. Highly recommended.

I actually watched both of these when they were originally on television in 2000 and 2006, respectively. I think I probably only saw about half of the episodes of Kitchen Confidential, though, because FOX kept jerking around with the schedule. Too bad, because the DVD reminded me how hot Bradley Cooper is. Also: Special cameo by Michael Vartan. If there was more Vartan and less Garner, I might have watched Alias more.

Another show I never watched: Beverly Hills, 90210, which is the show that Grosse Pointe spoofs. I think my friend Julie was really into it in high school, and our friend Mat (one t!) grew out his sideburns in an attempt to be more Dylan McKay-esque. You might not appreciate a few of the jokes if you don't know basic trivia/gossip about BH, but the rest of it is a broader satire of Hollywood anyway, so it still works. Also: Kohl Sudduth, the guy who plays Quentin/Stone, went to OU. He was in my JOUR 233 Information Gathering class, actually. I think I had a bigger crush on his friend Sean, who was also in that class and who worked on The Post with me. (Well, I really only worked there for about a quarter and a half, because I broke my ankle in mid-February and claimed that the injury was too debilitating for me to continue as the assistant reporter on the business beat. In actuality, I hated working at the paper and much preferred writing for the yearbook.)

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