Shoelaces; or, Quick, Cathy! Avert Your Eyes!

I finally got around to lacing my new red Chucks. I had a red pair about ten or twelve years ago, but they wore out. I bought the new ones months ago, but lost track of them (equal parts messy apartment and massive shoe collection). I came across them two Saturdays ago while picking up the place, and decided to lace them with some star-spangled laces I bought in Hot Topic sometime last year. Check it out: All ready for the Fourth of July.

I also decided to put some colored laces in my other new pair. I'm not exactly in love with the red/black against the flames, but it looks better than the other pairs of laces I have on hand: hot pink with silver; pastel stars.

I did one shoe in the standard-issue white, just to see how it looks. I'm kind of liking it.

Anyhow, I'm not wacky enough to wear a Chuck of a different color on each foot, and I'm probably not wacky enough to wear matching shoes with different shoelaces. I'm just barely wacky enough to carry off non-white shoelaces, for crying out loud. And in this case, I'm thinking that maybe the flame design is nutty enough on its own, and it doesn't need any additional embellishment. Note to self: Change the red/black lace back to white before I wear these anywhere.

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  1. Ugh. I did not avert my eyes and now I think my retinas are burning.

    So you don't want to pull a Punky Brewster?