Ohhhh . . . So close, and yet so far.

Brian Windhorst wasn't kidding:
You need to prepare your living room. Move the valuable glass stuff, put the remote on a short leash so it can't hit the screen, send the dogs and cats out of the room. If you're a Cavs fan, the Pistons are going to make you yell and steam about your team.

I'll be in NY when Game 2 starts. I've picked up WTAM that far east before — the first year I was at my sister's, I could listen to the Browns games on the radio in her bedroom. (I know it's on TNT, but don't like listening to the national announcers — they rarely know the inside scoop, nor do they know how to say "Ilgauskas" or "Varejao" or "Pavlovic." What can I say? I'm a homer.)

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