Music to My Ears

I've been really enjoying the new Wilco album, which arrived from Amazon last week. I've also been playing some Ryan Adams discs that I picked up through Lala. I had heard of him, but never really heard him before. I knew that critics liked it, but if I made a Venn diagram of what I like and what critics like, there would hardly be any overlap. So, Gold and Rock and Roll have been getting a lot of play as I'm heading back and forth to work.

I stumbled upon Cory Branan through a shout-out on
someone else's blog. I picked up 12 Songs on iTunes and got The Hell You Say through Lala — not bad. I'm also enjoying John Pizzarelli — Meets the Beatles. He does jazz arrangements of Beatles songs, and it's so strange and great.

And I just found out that there's a new They Might Be Giants disc to add to my collection. A reviewer on iTunes says it's great, not like that mess that was Mink Car. I'm like, but I heart Mink Car! I remember buying it in Savannah when I was in town for a friend's wedding, and playing it in the motel room while I was getting dressed for the ceremony. Good times.

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