This Week in Netflix: Volume 7

So, at some point I developed some semblance of a life, and it cut into my movie viewing. I think I've had the same discs for about a month. Hope nobody planned to watch The Good Shepherd anytime soon!

Along similar lines, I've busy at work because it's a short week for me. (Last day before vacation! Woo!) Thus, time is not available for linking titles to IMDB and inserting posters. You'll just have to look things up on IMDB yourselves — Sorry.

Not that anybody does, really, but then again, I never thought that taking a mug of warm salt water into the hallway to gargle in semi-privacy (it helps my sore throat) would be misconstrued as sneaking out to make phone calls and hiding my cell phone in my mug. Since Cathy revealed her ridonkulous cell phone disguise theory when I had a throat-load of salt water this morning, there's a massive wet spot on the cubicle divider in the kitchenette-ette. It was either choke or spit; I chose spit. The wall (and my shirt) will dry eventually.

Ahem. Moving on.

I wanted to do a bit of a sports theme after my Major League DVD arrived, so I picked the classic Eight Men Out, which I had never seen. I knew a little bit about the Black Sox scandal because it was in a manuscript I worked on a few years ago, so I enjoyed this depiction of it. It was a little distracting, though, because most of the actors are people I recognize from other things, and it bugged me that there were a few I couldn't come up with right away. I spent a lot of time on IMDB later, because I'm obsessive like that.

I also selected a vintage item, Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Esther Williams. I have a high tolerance for old movies, musicals, and movies with tissue-paper-thin plots, but the confluence of all three in this movie pushed me over the edge. OMG: This is bad. Hilariously bad. Is there any redeeming value in the song "Strictly U.S.A."? No! The lyrics are awful! So, so cheesy. Really. You have no idea. Ugh. Also on the disc: The original trailers for some other Sinatra-Kelly pairings, like Anchors Aweigh and On the Town. If I remember correctly, On the Town is declared "Twice as Gay as Anchors Aweigh!" Snerk.

And now for something completely different: Murderball. I watched it while listening to the players' commentary track, which was extra fun because they were goofing around, making smart remarks and mocking what was onscreen. Or getting upset, because they were reliving the games all over again. I'm a fan of Friday Night Lights, which has a substantial story line about quad rugby, so I found it interesting to find out more about the real team.

I thought I would round it out with Glory Road, but I was too busy watching historic basketball in real life to watch historic basketball on DVD. Maybe next week, although by then I may be super-depressed that my dream of a Cavs-Jazz NBA Finals will not be realized. How awesome would a LeBron-Boozer grudge match be?

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