End of an Era

So, it turns out that last night was the last pub quiz because the bar is closing in two weeks.

I know! I'm shocked too! And that isn't even the worst piece of news I got last night! I also heard that the H-O-T fox of a bartender is married with a kid. Sigh. (Not like there was any chance of anything anyway, but it kind of ruins the fantasy now.)

It's possible that the people who run the place are going to find another spot in which to set up shop, and it's also possible that the guy who runs the event is going to hold it in a different bar. I'm on the e-mail list, so if any of this actually happens, I may be the fifty-sixth to know.

How'd we do? About the usual: fifth place at the turn, and somewhere in the middle of the pack at the finish. I can't even get worked up about losing (again!) because I'm more bummed about the fact that I'm going to be here next weekend, so I can't even go see the Spazmatics in what may be the last night of Irishy pub goodness before the place gets turned into a Japanese steakhouse (or so the rumor mill has it). Double sigh.


  1. I'm just trying to imagine the collection of hot bartenders disbanded. Do you know how few bars actually have that many good-looking male bartenders? That one.

  2. I'm bummed about the bar closing too... especially because I'm part of Team 11.

  3. Uhm. Hi, Team 11 Representative! Congrats on winning the final (maybe) quiz. (Never mind how happy I was last month that your team lost!)

    Seriously, how do you guys do it? Is it the former Jeopardy! contestant? The fact that you have a zillion people on the team? That you're all just tuned in to the Mike D wavelength and can figure out where he's going with the Missing Link? Do you long for the return of the World Showcase? Quizzical minds want to know!