Don't Seek and Ye Shall Find

My friend Megan-the-former-intern (as opposed to my friend Megan-who-lives-in-Boston) recently posted "My Theory on Searching for Lost Items." In response, I commented that I recently lost two things. I actually found one of the two yesterday afternoon, and I'm quite thrilled. Wanna hear about it? No? Too bad. Here it goes:

Just over a month ago I received a package of
Lala envelopes. I thought that I stuck them in my tote bag, took them home, and tossed them in the general vicinity of my laptop. When I went looking for them a week later, I discovered that they had vanished. A few days of rummaging around the various piles in the living room, and . . . nada. I admitted defeat and e-mailed the kind people of Lala to request more envelopes.

Cut to yesterday on the way home from work. I'm trying to remember where I put the green notebook I've been using for my
OU alumni association stuff, and I thought maybe at one point I tried to minimize the amount of stuff in my bag by putting things I didn't anticipate needing right away into the pocket on the back of the passenger seat. I'm at a red light, so I stick my hand back there and come up with (drumroll, please) . . . the missing envelopes! Yay! (However, no green notebook: Boo!)

I still haven't found those library books, either. I think that one night before my trip to St. Louis I picked them up in the living room and headed to the bedroom, planning to flip through them and make notes before I went to sleep. I've checked the general path between the two rooms to see if they got waylaid somehow (roving band of highwaymen?), but no dice. I don't see them on either side of the bed, either. Maybe they got kicked underneath? It's quite a mystery. Not an interesting one, but a mystery nonetheless.


  1. I'm so glad the "No Searching" technique is working for you! I'll be interested to see if it works for the green notebook.

    Oh, and give up on the library books. I stole those from you. Along with my roving band of highwaypersons.

  2. Should you revise the Bible? (Isn't that where that's from?)

  3. "Isn't that where that's from?"!!! Wow. Good to see all those years of Catholic school paid off! Not to mention those years of proofing religion books! : )

    To answer your second question: Yes. It's from Matthew. I don't remember the exact citation, but I do remember singing this at Bible camp: "Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Allelu, alleluia."

    After consulting the Bible Gateway, I see that it is a rough approximation of Matthew 7:7. Now you know.

    As to the first ... I think I'll start working on my own translation in my spare time... Not!