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Last week some friends of mine were telling me about this CD swapping site they like and want me to join — mainly so one of them can parade around in the free t-shirt that is the reward for making a referral. I said I'm not against the concept, but I'm not sure what I can bear to part with. Even if I don't listen to something too much anymore, I'm not good at forcing myself to sell it or trash it or give it away.

Exhibit A: My Milli Vanilli cassette.

[Dang. Now I have "Girl You Know It's True" stuck in my head. Oooh, ooh, ooh, I love you. Sigh.]

While they empathized with the sentiment (while shuddering at the Milli Vanilli aspect), they pointed out that I have to complete at least one swap before the t-shirt can be issued, and suggested that maybe I have duplicates of something. That made me realize that I do have two copies of Mink Car (They Might Be Giants) and No Angel (Dido). So, since I am a big supporter of the concept of putting off doing the laundry, I decided to help my friend in his quest for a new garment.

A byproduct of joining is the option of putting a LaLa widget on your blog (see right).* I haven't listed everything I own yet, only the random pile of stuff that happened to be within arm's reach while I was lounging on the couch with the laptop last night. Also, I have to limit myself to things I actually own the official version of, as opposed to albums I've bought through iTunes or something.

I have been considering adding widgets to ye olde blogge for a few weeks, actually, but never found the right one. I wanted one for my Netflix Queue, but since that has about 388 entries on it, I had to settle for my "At Home" list (see right). Anyhow, if anybody cares, click away.

* Update: I eventually deleted it. I think it was because it was affecting the page load time.

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