I Totally Agree: Messiness Edition

Neatness is overrated. Let those stacks of paper pile up on your desk. Don't worry about the laundry tossed in the corner. Let the icons clutter up your computer screen. And whatever you do, stop obsessing over your letter-perfect filing system. Bless your mess, says a new group of "mess-iahs" spreading the gospel of healthy disorganization.

— From "Messy Is the New Neat"
Jeremy Caplan,
Time, 18 January 2007

My friend the personal organizer has to disagree with the article, but I love, love, love it — which is why I will never invite her over to my apartment.

I have the book mentioned in the piece — A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder (Abrahamson and Freedman) — on hold at the library. Complete book report to follow.

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