Letting It Snow

Stupid weather, ruining my theoretical plans!

OU plays Akron tonight, in Akron. If the entire region wasn't under super-extra blizzard snowstorm alerts, I would totally go. Head down after work, have dinner with the 'rents, maybe take my cousins to the game... Sigh. Good thing I didn't, like, plan this in advance and actually buy tickets or anything.

I haven't been to the OU-Akron game in ages. I went once, with a friend from OU who was going to UA for grad school, but that was . . . Hmm. I can't remember how many years she was behind me in undergrad, but it probably had to have been during those two years when I still lived at home, so it must have been eight or nine years ago by now. I know that we were kind of laughing about how teeny the JAR is compared to the Convo. The JAR felt like it was the same size as my high school gym, and the Convo seats about 13,000 people.

I guess I'll have to hold out for the MAC tournament downtown. Assuming we're even in the tournament for very long: Akron's in first place, OU's in fourth. Ouch.

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