Amazon, Will You Be My Valentine?

I like to kill time by browsing on Amazon. (Really, who doesn't?)

The front page today asks visitors to take part in their Valentine's poll.

Hee! I've seen that knife holder before, but it still cracks me up.

Anyhow, since another thing I like to do when I should be working is shop for myself, I picked "I Hate Valentine's Day" to see what would happen.

I checked out the Bad Valentine's Gifts, some of which made me laugh and some of which made me say "Oh. My." so much that Cathy got jealous because she thought I was looking at naked photos of Brian Urlacher.

Some of the highlights:

And here's one that someone I know might actually enjoy, based on her reaction to an extreme close-up of Salma Hayek that was part of the picture round at Pub Quiz last night:

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  1. I saw a guy wearing that shirt, or one similar to it, at a club during the summer. He was wearing it with white pants. It is on the list of severly disturbing things I have seen.