More Adventures in Home Furnishings

I've decided that I need this to go with my chair shaped like a hand. And now I will recycle yesterday's e-mail that I sent to Megan about said couch:

Well, I'm not really buying the couch, but ...

What happened was, I was reading an e-mail from Nikki in which she mentioned that she heard an IKEA was going to be built in Cincy.

That started Cathy on a comment about how she usually doesn't like IKEA furniture, but she likes [Megan & Keith's] dining room set, so I cruised over to the IKEA site because I hadn't really given their stuff much thought one way or the other and wasn't sure I could pick an IKEA item out of a lineup. (Cathy claims it all looks like
Nuni furniture.)

When I got there, I was immediately captivated by the '70s flower power, and insisted on enlarging the image and setting it as my desktop wallpaper while Cathy was forced to avert her eyes to prevent uncontrollable projectile vomiting.

And then I e-mailed people about it, and afternoon break was over.

So.... that's my life up to the last five minutes.


  1. So, when are you coming to visit me to see my sweet, new IKEA kitchen? Huh?

    I have IKEA disease!

    Just checked No mention of an Ohio store "coming soon". Don't know where mi esposo got that info.