New Car Smell

I still have most of my mix tapes -- heck, I still have most of my tapes, period. They're in racks in one of my closets. I dig them out from time to time, even though I have most of the stuff that I really like on CD by now.

I keep thinking that I'm going to re-record the old mix tapes onto CDs, but then I run into physical and mental limitations.

First off, there's a difference between how much can fit on a CD (like, 72 or 80 minutes) versus how much I used to cram onto a tape (90 or 120 minutes).

That leads to the mental block: I suppose I could add a few tracks and make double-CD sets, or drop a few songs to fit it onto one, but that garfs up my theme and/or the flow between tracks, and I'm too anal about this, apparently, to just randomly throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks.

So, for the most part I've been making new mixes as the fancy takes me. For example, when I got my new (to me) car last fall, I had to make a mix to celebrate the fact that I had an in-dash CD player. (Shut up! It was a big deal for me -- a step up from having to use the cassette converter thingy to connect my portable CD player or to my iPod.)

At the risk of having Nikki mock me some more for my song choices, here's the playlist. Links are to albums on Amazon.

New Car Smell
Foo Fighters
2—Do What You Want—Ok Go
3—Molly's Chambers—Kings of Leon
4—A Little More for Little You—The Hives
5—Rollover DJ—Jet
6—Staple It Together—Jack Johnson
7—Heartache for Everyone—Indigo Girls
8—Red Dragon Tattoo—Fountains of Wayne
9—Always on My Mind—Phantom Planet
10—Stay Away—Rooney
11—Saturday Morning—Eels
12—Turn a Square—The Shins
13—The Sound of Settling—Death Cab for Cutie
14—Don't Panic—Coldplay
15—Float On—Modest Mouse
16—Feel Good Inc.—Gorillaz
17—Come on Closer—Jem
18—Take Me Out—Franz Ferdinand
19—Common People—William Shatner

Speaking of the Shat: I just picked this up at Half-Price Books this afternoon. I haven't listened to it yet, but I think I'm in for a treat. Or something.

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  1. Wow, you actually care about my opinion? Sheesh, no one else does. Well, I've actually heard of a lot of the bands in your list, but I don't have any CDs, etc. by any of them. Not my style/speed.

    Did you get any of the Richard Cheese CDs? I listened to snippets of "Lounge Against the Machine" and "Tuxicity". Hi-larious.