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Yeah, so . . . I'm swamped with freelance stuff (which is good) and yet compelled to procrastinate (which is bad).

I spent about an hour mooning around Office Max after my dentist appointment this afternoon, slowly browsing every aisle and being interrupted on a regular basis by helpful associates who wanted to know if they could help me with anything. I picked up about $100 worth of stuff and then came home and listened to the Indians lose to the Twins while I fiddled around with the stuff I bought, had a late dinner, and skimmed a book on Access (related to freelance project). [An aside about the dentist: I took Megan's advice about flossing regularly for the two weeks before the appointment, and this marks the first time in, like, three or four years that I didn't get a small speech about the need to floss. Yay! Back to my regularly scheduled not flossing . . . shut up, Cathy. : ) ]

Anyhow, here's some fun stuff that's come up on My Yahoo page lately — click away, and then discuss amongst yourselves.

What Was the First Computer You Ever Used?
— Vintage Computing and Gaming

Read the Classics in E-Mail-Sized Chunks with DailyLit
— Lifehacker [via
Daily Lit > via Get Rich Slowly]

How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger (Ha! Too late!)
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Always fun to check out: Ross the Intern's Blog.

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  1. Yay!! Glad it helped!

    I actually have not yet taken the advice, since I only got it after my last dismal dentist appt. So I'm eager to try it out also. Okay, not "eager", but you know what I mean