Pirates 2

Pirates 2 was awesome. It's definitely a bridge to Pirates 3, but I didn't feel as ripped off as I did when I saw Matrix 2 (so much so that I refused to see Matrix 3).

The people who suggested seeing Pirates 1 before you see the sequel aren't completely off base, though. After the last frame, my friend said, I bet half the people in here were like, "Who's that guy?"

I couldn't really answer her, because I was still up to my ears in popcorn. I stupidly got the medium, when a small probably would have been more than enough. I was thrown off by the tiny (aka FREE) popcorns at the AMC and thought the medium at the Regal would be just right. I was quite wrong.

Anyhow, before we giggled and snarked our way through Johnny Depp's nancying around, we saw a promo for the new Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson flick. It comes out at Christmas, and I can't believe I hadn't heard about it already. I'm lining up for tickets as we speak.

Well, that's a lie. Right now I'm lounging around, trying to catch up on some shows I've taped (Daily Show, Colbert Report, Late Late Show) but mostly falling asleep. (Yes, it's only 7, but I was up till all hours working on a freelance project.) Nighty-night.
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