Miami Vice

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Just got back from Miami Vice. Good thing it was $4 night with free popcorn. I didn't really follow some of the stuff that was going down, initially, because I was too distracted by this odd slurpy moaning from the seats behind me. I know!!

I was kind of kind of creeped out, because my mind immediately went into the gutter and wondered what kind of odd sexcapades were going on back there. Then there was some rustling of what could have been a candy wrapper, and more slurpy noises. Then somebody said to the slurper, "Knock it off!" and that really confused me, because it sounded like someone's mom.

Through surreptitious glances behind me as I turned first this way to stuff some napkins in my bag and then that way to rearrange my hairclip, I discovered that there were these two middle-aged ladies and one ten-year-old kid. The ladies looked as though they were looking forward to some hot Colin Farrell action (Hey, that's why my friend was there -- until she caught sight of this dude, anyway.) and the kid looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.

I'm not sure I would recommend Miami Vice for the 10-and-under set anyhow -- there's two sex scenes that made me uncomfortable (but I've always been like that) and an awful lot of shooting, including a few close-ups of the gore and aftermath. Of course, those were for truly creepy, evil characters that you were hoping would get it, big time, because of all the crap they pulled earlier. And I suppose he probably plays all kinds of violent video games all the time anyhow, but still.

Anyhow, our boy Colin must've had some sort of rider in his contract about not seeing his backside as much as we see Jamie's, and then he had to top it off with the odd double-ponytail combo that skeeved me out (too little-girl like), so it's not going to do a lot for your Farrell fantasies. Oh, and the accent -- what was that about? Initially, he sounded to me like he always does -- the thick Irish thing. I thought, Hmm, interesting choice. How do they explain it that he ended up in Florida? Then, about an hour later, he has no Irish accent and instead sounds vaguely Texas cowboyish. Then, a few scenes later, when his character is kind of excited about I forget what, the brogue is back. Odd. I don't think I imagined it, but I haven't had a chance to compare viewing notes yet -- we didn't break up into individual discussion groups in the lobby or anything.

I guess that's it for my in-depth film commentary. Oh wait: In the closing montage of tender goodbyes set to sad music, the kid behind me said, "God, just end it already! This could have been over ten minutes ago!" That did make me laugh.

Overall, it was okay, I guess. I never watched the TV show growing up, so I didn't have that to compare it to. I'm not in awe of Michael Mann, either, so it's not like I was fawning over his directorial choices or anything. I'm looking forward to Friday, though, when I should finally get to see the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Yay, Johnny Depp!

Oh, and there were some cool-looking previews, too. Some new Scorcese film with DiCaprio and Damon ... drool ... and Wahlberg and Baldwin. Oh my. I may have to go IMDB that. And then I'm off to watch the pilot of Studio 60, which I got from Netflix.

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