Let's Do the Time Warp Again

I've been looking through the flotsam and jetsam of the Drafts folder for this blog. A bunch of stuff that I started in 2009 or so can go right into the circular file, but this one still holds up in 2016 . . . sorta.

* * * * *

So, a while back I wrote about  the back issues of Life that are available on Google Books. I've paged through a few virtual issues, but yesterday I took some time to read an issue of Time from October 27, 1997, that had been filed away at the time by one of the editors at work and unearthed this spring by me when we moved our office.

It's the little things that make me laugh:

  • angry letters to the editor about Promise Keepers, Martha Stewart hawking items at K-Mart, and the amount of time it was taking to find Jon-Benet Ramsey's killer

  • an ad for Sony that reads, in part, "She remembers the 'olden' days. Before color television. Her 20-year-old remembers the 'olden' days. Before the VCR. Her 10-year-old remembers the 'olden' days. Before the CD-ROM. Her four-year-old will remember the 'olden' days, too. But before what?"

  • an article about Christie Whitman and the New Jersey governor's race; under a screenshot with an image of Jim McGreevey, the caption reads, "Whitman's commercials: Playing on the fact that McGreevey's record is little known to most voters."

  • fallout for Ellen and Ellen in light of last spring's revelation that the show's star is gay

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