So, Brave Astronaut has declared this to be Blogtober, and he has announced his goal to blog every day this month. I took issue with this, but mostly only because I feel guilty about not posting over here very much.

As I may or may not have said before, and as you may or may not care, most of the things I used to post about here I now post to Facebook, or I have second thoughts about posting anywhere at all, because it's too much work to craft appropriately snarky/cool commentary that eloquently captures my frame of mind and personal connection to whatever it was I saw online/did in real life and felt a deep and overwhelming connection to, one so massive I had to share it with the world, or at least the roughly 52 people who see my FB posts and/or cruise by here looking for photos of Ryan Gosling naked.

For example, Present & Correct, a UK stationery and sundry shop that I want pretty much one of everything from:

This Dilbert cartoon about editing that is funny because it's true:

This Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer lip balm that I totally want:

Bert and Ernie in desktop wallpaper form:

This hilarious and great mystery novel I just finished reading, Don't Ever Get Old :

Although, come to think of it, I did post the Butterbeer thing to Facebook. Whatever: The point still stands.

In other news, it's almost time for pub quiz. My team came in first at Monday night trivia, thanks to my intimate knowledge of the finer points of Hoosiers despite never having actually seen the movie. If we win tonight, the world will probably end — we're pretty sure that's what the Mayans predicted.

Although the upside to the world ending is that I won't have to waste time/energy worrying over blogging or not blogging, or eating right and exercising, or cleaning my apartment and doing my laundry. So ... Come on, apocalypse!

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  1. See? Now this could have been five posts. So now, you're behind.