Friday Timewaster: The Living Room Candidate

It started with this tweet:
poniewozik: Prez ad champions environmentalism, regulation, social spending over military. Look at this socialist!

I followed the link and watched the video, and: Wow. Just wow.

I mean: If you updated the images and the names of a few countries and issues, you could almost run the same ad today for Obama. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

Anyhow: My penchant for all things vintage is at war with my hatred of all political ads right now. Living in Ohio (aka ground zero for the 2012 election) means being inundated with attack ads; even though I watch most of my tv online, Hulu still knows where I live and manages to target the limited commercial breaks accordingly.

However, watching these is going to be more interesting than actual work . . . even though I have a new high-priority assignment that involves compiling a variety of massive spreadsheets, and ordinarily I do heart compiling massive spreadsheets, so: This is a tough one. But since yesterday felt like Friday, leaving today as a horrible Friday/Saturday mashup that is known in these parts as Schmiday, I'm going to go with the goofing off and leave the database analysis until Monday. Yeah . . . that's the ticket.

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