I Totally Want This: Chromebook

As with most gadgets, I need it like a hole in the head, but . . . I still kinda totally want it.

My dad was asking me the other week what kind of techy thing I had my eye on this year, and I didn't really have an answer for him at the time. I figured that between the iPod, iPad, massive laptop, and the Roku box I kind of had all of my entertainment and computing needs under control.

Then I inadvertently went to the Google home page today (had to check out the new doodle) and saw the pitch for holiday gift-giving.

My parents already gave me some Christmas money, so I could theoretically afford it, but . . . I don't really need it. (Then again, I don't really need half the junk I buy, so that kind of loses its effectiveness as a rationale for not hitting "Buy Now!")

However, I could buy a lot more of other junk instead of shooting my wad on one thing. For example, I already got some new sweaters on sale (which is very important because my unofficial Monday-Friday uniform is pretty much a cardigan, coordinating t-shirt, and dress slacks) and I might be in the market for some new shoes. (I have a coupon from the shoe store burning a hole in my pocket.)

Conversely, maybe if I had a Chromebook I would blog more. I've been totally spoiled by the size and speed of my iPad, which has made using my laptop a chore, even though it's much easier for me to type stuff on the laptop.

But since nobody but me really cares if I blog or not — with the possible exception of one person who misses the Pub Quiz recaps — I can't use that as a valid excuse either. Maybe I should price iPad keyboards instead. Anything to avoid doing actual work, right?

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