Christmas (Story) Is Coming

Saw this in the TV Addict's December calendar and cracked up. I have it on DVD (hell, I have it memorized...) so it's not really necessary to tune in on Christmas, but I like it. And it annoys my dad, so ... double bonus!

In other news that makes me happy: I only have to come up with 11 more outfits to wear to work, and then it's pajama pants and sweatshirts until New Year's!

Is it lame that I'm so excited about staying at home for vacation? (Don't answer; I think I know.)

I don't have to stay home every day, though. Maybe I'll hit some area hot spots, like ... A Christmas Story House  and Tuba Christmas. I'll probably also go visit my parents and  my sister for a bit. Maybe my sister and I will take another holiday road trip. When she lived in upstate New York, we used to go down to the city for a few days. When she was in Georgia, we did some touristy stuff in Atlanta. Now that she's in southeast Ohio, I'm not sure what the destination would be . . .


I was just on the Christmas Story House's online gift shop, and they have Christmas Story "comfy throws" (aka Snuggies).

Ha!! I think I know what my dad just bought me for Christmas!

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  1. Hey, it's been a little while...Just dropped by to remind you to "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine." and don't let the Bumpuses dogs in the house.

    Oh and there's nothing wrong with looking forward to some jammie time. But a holiday roadtrip around southeastern Ohio could be fun too (he says as he tears up trying to hold back the laughter). I mean the world is your oyster...Well the area from Athens to Zanesville (alphabetically) By the way speaking of oysters don't eat any in Marietta. Have fun and Happy Holidays.