Wednesday Timewaster: Cover Smart

I could have called this "Miércoles Timewaster" or "Mercredi Timewaster," because one of the handful of things that I remember from my high school Spanish and French classes is the days of the week.*

Anyhow: I found Cover Smart a week or two ago via the Woot blog because I was reading some other entry about Ken Jennings and a BOC.

I prefer to play the past quizzes because I get the instant gratification of knowing all the answers — as opposed to today's quiz, which I will have to wait until tomorrow to read the correct responses. Although I know some of the groups, I don't remember the album names. For example:

The others... pfft. No clue. Although I have some guesses for a few of them. And I could waste even more time by doing some Google Image searching to figure out the answers. But someone just dropped an incredibly complicated reprint on my desk, so I suppose I will devote my puzzle-solving energy to that instead.

* And the words for colors. And for pieces of clothing. Okay, maybe just the word zapato, which I mostly mumble to myself in the phrase "Donde esta mi otro zapato?!" when I'm rummaging through the pile by the front door at 8:05, searching for the mate to whatever I just put on one of my feet so I can get out the door and only be about a half hour "late" for work. (Laying everything out neatly the night before is for suckers.)

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