Fall TV: Meh

I feel like I'm totally behind on my fall TV spreadsheets. Checking my previous posts on the topic — I Might Need a New Couch,  In the Fall a Young Girl's Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Television, Anticipation — I see that (a) I used to be a lot more creative with some of my post titles and (b) I'm at least a week behind.

Ordinarily, I tend to get antsy sometime in August, waiting for the Entertainment Weekly fall TV preview issue to arrive. This year, though, I didn't get too worked up about it. In fact, I only read part of the preview issue last week and wasn't motivated enough to (a) finish reading it or (b) map out my viewing schedule.

I think it's because I'm not super-jazzed about any of the new shows, I'm already subscribed in Hulu Plus to all the stuff I liked last year, and I'm going to have to wait until October November for the premieres of some of my favorites. (I'm looking at you, Bones.)

Thus, I really only need to set the VCR for stuff that's on CBS or the CW, and if I don't get around to doing that for the first few episodes, I can still watch those online anyway.

So .... yeah. There's not a lot at stake here.

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