Friday Timewaster: P. Nuttles

After the other proofreader and I broke our Tuesday pledge of not going out to lunch for the rest of the week by going out for Chinese, we decided to delay our return to the office by stopping in the Walgreen's for some candy.

I picked out two Cadbury Creme Eggs (one original, one caramel) and then was distracted by an end-cap full of something I had never seen before, so of course I had to get a bag of each:

Around 3 I broke open the coconut bag — I've been on kind of a coconut kick lately, getting a bag of the coconut-filled Hershey's Kisses a few weeks ago and then some Almond Joy eggs the last time I went to  the grocery store. The peanuts themselves are not bad, but the coconut jelly beans were an unpleasant surprise. I generally avoid jelly beans in the first place, and the faux coconut scent on these made me think that I was eating suntan lotion. It was a good thing there were only seven of them in the bag.

Speaking of bags: Neither of the ones I bought was resealable, so I am forced — forced, I say! — to consume them all at once. Nom, nom, nom.

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