Wednesday Timewaster: Being Sick

Urgh. Sniffle, hack. On Monday, I was hoping against hope that it wasn't what I thought it was, but I was right after all. Stoopid cold.

I ditched work around lunchtime, went home, and had another crazy dream. Before the alarm went off this morning I was dreaming  that someone at work was fired and the rest of us were thrilled. This afternoon I dreamed that I was a chaperone on a bus full of elementary school kids.

Both of these scenarios are somewhat rooted in reality (I have a job; I did chaperone a bus trip a few weeks ago) but then my fevered brain took a random left turn into fantasy land.

Speaking of fantasy land: I found (via, of course) a fun online game that puts my vast movie knowledge to use. Presenting Famous Objects from Classic Movies, which is pretty much just what it sounds like.

You get a basic drawing of an item, plus some Hangman-style blanks underneath. If you don't recognize what it is right away, you can use some classic final-round-of-Wheel-of-Fortune strategery to fill in a few slots until you can guess what it is. It's hard to mistake this for anything else, though . . .  It's a major award!


I'm only batting about .600 so far, but I'm hoping to raise my average in the next few hours.

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