An Impulse Buy

On Sunday I was working with one of my freelance clients, and I noticed how nice it was to have a wireless printer. It made the prospect of hauling my laptop over to my el-cheapo inkjet and connecting with a USB cable seem so  . . . old school, but not in a cool way.

Since I already have a wi-fi router in my apartment, I indulged in a fantasy of how nice it would be to just hit "print" from wherever I happen to be. A little Googling, and voila!

It happened to be on sale at Amazon for about $90, and it has scanner/copier capabilities that I don't have with my existing printer. (Although I do have a giant flatbed scanner, that's another thing that needs a wired connection  . . . ) I have a hunch that the sale price means it will be discontinued soon, but the reviews seemed to be pretty uniformly glowing and the ink cartridges probably aren't that much more expensive than what I'm already buying, so I took the plunge.

It's supposed to be delivered today; we'll see if I get motivated over the weekend to hook it up. Since that will probably require some cleaning/reorganizing of my living room/office area, I'm not getting my hopes up. But we'll see.

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