Thanks, Dad.

Way to rub it in.

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Hey there --

How's the winter wonderland in Akron? I was thinking of coming down tonight -- OU plays Akron at the JAR -- but I think I'm going to skip it. The roads are probably crummy, plus I'm getting a cold -- since I managed not to get sick while I was on vacation, for once!

So, I'm probably going to stay in, catch up on my laundry.... It would be nice if I had something presentable to wear to work; the last few days I've just been rummaging around in the piles, pulling out something that doesn't look too wrinkled/smell too bad, and yanking it on. I've still been at least a half hour late, but I can blame that on the weather and not my deep-seated aversion to exchanging the cozy warmness of bed for the headache-inducing mountain of work that awaits me at the office. We're trying to check that all the pieces/parts of the new lessons work before they go live, so there's a ton to do. I suppose I could rack up some more overtime if I wanted, which is nice. It's the being-there-at-8-am part that totally sucks.

Anyhow: Besides that, I have some freelance/volunteer stuff to catch up on. I have been putting off part of a freelance project, but it's absolutely due next Monday, so I'd better get cracking. At the same time, I said I'd send out another OUWC newsletter by the 15th, but I haven't started that yet, either. Well, I've got everyone's submissions, but I haven't started pasting it all together into the newsletter layout. The sucky part is that somehow I lost my working Word files for the last edition -- I only have the final PDF. I think I had the stuff saved on a USB drive that subsequently died. I don't know of any way to rescue the files from the drive, so I guess that, instead of updating the fall newsletter file with the winter information, I'll have to start from scratch again. Barf!

So, yeah ... That's pretty much all the news from up here. Say hi to Mom for me!



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In a message dated 1/12/2011 11:18:02 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Amy writes:

I think I'm going to skip it. The roads are probably crummy

There is 5 inches on the ground with more coming.
Stay home and stay warm.
Love Dad and mom
PS your mom just went back to bed at 11 am LOL


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