My Life Up to the Last Five Minutes

Random thoughts . . . More so than usual, anyway:

I caught up on my latest batch of library books over the weekend — including Juliet and The Grimm Legacy, which put new twists on familiar stories (Romeo and Juliet and Grimm's Fairy Tales, respectively), and Trail of Blood and King of the Holly Hop, which are set in Cleveland. All four were pretty good.

I'm coming down with the cold I thought I was going to get while I was on vacation, so that's awesome . . . not!

I rilly, rilly, rilly need to do some laundry; specifically, work clothes. Ugh.

I watched Denis Leary on The Daily Show and laughed about how young he looked with his hair short. Then they showed the vintage footage from Jon Stewart's MTV show, and I really cracked up.

I renewed my love affair with the white hot chocolate at Dunkin' Donuts this afternoon. I don't like white chocolate as a rule, but this stuff? Nom, nom, nom.

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