Guilty Pleasure

I set my VCRs yesterday to tape American Idol tonight and tomorrow. Squee! Of course, I also had to set it to tape the finale of Life Unexpected. I'm kind of glad to see that show go, though. It started out okay, but then some of the plot lines/characters got a bit annoying.

I'm actually using my VCRs less now that I have Hulu Plus via Roku — I can subscribe to a bunch of shows and watch them either on TV or online. Some shows, however, it's still easier to tape.

In other news, I think I bit off more than I can chew in terms of library books. I put in requests for about 30 books from my could-be-fun-to-read list — you know, fluff:
and about 20 of them came in at once. Doh!

Plus, last week I went to a different CCPL branch than I usually do (Somehow it feels like cheating or being otherwise unfaithful to my usual branch, but then again sometimes I like it when the checkout clerks don't know me.) and they had a bunch of DVDs and graphic novels on display, so I ended up with a handful of those, plus two more volumes in a YA series I had been reading and then lost track of: Shadow Dragons and The Dragon's Apprentice. (I talked about the first book in the series in Book Report: Volume 5.)

One of the DVDs I picked up was the second season of Frasier. Hi-larious! I especially enjoyed the translation scene in "An Affair to Forget" that was stolen from an homage to the "Paris At Last" episode of I Love Lucy. Now, of course, I have to request the complete first season and then watch all the rest of the complete seasons because I'm apparently a bit of a compulsive completist with too much time on her hands. But I think you already knew that.


  1. You were the one who told me about the Spellman files. I've only read the first book, but I liked it!I'd like to read more.

  2. Yes, the Spellman files... I heart that series as well! I don't think that she used any of my title suggestions (see Book Report: Volume 12) but that's ok. The Spellmans Strike Again is an acceptable option.

    Ooh, I was just poking around the author's page on Amazon and noticed that she's got a non-Spellman book coming out in April. I just added it to my wish list . . . .