Book Report: Volume 5

Two books in Joe Konrath's Jack Daniels series

I am in love with Joe Konrath. He writes the Jack Daniels series, which I discovered last month but never got around to writing about until now. I promptly read Whisky Sour, Bloody Mary, and Rusty Nail over one weekend, and tracked down the latest, Dirty Martini, at the library the next Monday. On top of writing funny and entertaining mystery/thrillers, his Web site is also a hoot.

I kind of want him to write a series based on Phinn Troutt, though. According to this blog entry, he does have a manuscript featuring the character, but it is still unpublished. So, I had to make do with some short stories in These Guns for Hire and Thriller, which I read over Thanksgiving weekend, I think.

Oh! In the course of poking around on Amazon to link to his titles, I discovered that he also sells two short story collections as electronic editions for less than $1 each. Cool! I just downloaded those. . . .

Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide what books to take with me to Akron over vacation. I just finished Here, There Be Dragons.

Yes, dragons!

I liked it a lot, because I thought it was fun to figure out which characters and situations are references to other books I've read (or haven't read, but have heard enough about, what with recent major motion pictures being based on them and all). I wasn't spoiled on the identity of the characters, so the last few pages were a bit of a surprise to me. I can't believe that the reviewer for School Library Journal declared it fit "only for fans of fan fiction." Yeesh! I'm only sorry that the sequel doesn't come out until next month.

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