#4, I Think I Love You

Browns kicker Phil Dawson (left) celebrates with long snapper Ryan Pontbriand after kicking a 49 yard field goal in the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills Sunday, Dec. 16, 2007, in Cleveland. (Bob DeMay/Akron Beacon Journal)

On any list of reasons why the Browns beat the Bills one final name needs mentioning: Phil Dawson. Without Dawson the Browns don’t win. It was great to see the only remaining member of the 1999 Browns team have yet another day in the sun (or overcast sky). Though it came on a smaller stage, Dawson’s 49-yard field goal in the second quarter was every bit as impressive as Adam Vinatieri’s field goal against the Raiders a few years ago. Amazing. And the reaction of both the crowd and the team — Anderson rushing the field with an oven mitt on his hand was priceless — served as a powerful emotional punch to the extraordinary physical display Dawson put on with his field goal kicking. In a game where small things made big differences it was fitting that Dawson’s leg prove to be the ultimate difference in the game.

The Disappointment Zone


Also awesome, in no particular order: Pittsburgh lost, Baltimore lost (to the Dolphins, no less!), and my grandma called to congratulate me on my team's win. (She roots for the Bengals, and they already lost on Thursday.)

Oh, it was a nice day yesterday after all.

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