Hump This

Ugh, Wednesday. I'm redirecting the hatred I usually have for Mondays to Wednesdays, with Tuesdays a close second.

Wednesday is now the date of an 8 a.m. weekly meeting which I am not invited to attend but which I get to overhear snippets of unless I turn my iPod up to "Operation Just Cause Serenades Noriega" levels. (Kids, ask your parents.) Guh.

Also, and as a direct result of the aforementioned 8 a.m. meeting, Wednesday is now breakfast buffet day in the office kitchen. However, I forgot about that this morning and got my own breakfast. Dang. One of the few perks, and I ruined it!

I decided to get some coffee, but my groggy butterfingersness resulted in dropping my snazzy OU pawprint mug. Pro: It was empty. Con: The handle broke off. Result: I'm super-pissed.

Thankfully, I have a handy backup mug, shown here on a festive snowflake napkin.

Did I mention that it was snowing this morning and I had to wear my winter coat — which I have neglected to take to the dry cleaners at any point in the last six months, so it smells kind of ... odd? No? Well, all of that just ratcheted up my petty-annoyance level to, like, Def Con 2.

Minor bright spot: When I was looking up some details for my twenty-year-old Noreiga joke earlier, I came across a 1996 entry in the National Security Archives' "Document of the Month Club" that contains the playlist of requested songs: starting here and continuing here and here, in case you're inspired to make a mix tape. I totally am.

The Document of the Month club site seems to have only a few entries from the mid-1990s, but the National Security Archives' current site has all kinds of nifty stuff — it's kind of like WikiLeaks, but, you know, vintage. We're quoting from some of the documents about Nixon's trip to China in the revised U.S. history units, but there are electronic briefing books on a variety of topics, at least one of which has a title that makes me laugh: "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?" Other winners, based on titles alone: Nuclear Noh Drama and "Why Is 'Poodle Blanket' Classified?"  Snerk. "Poodle Blanket." Ha! That wacky Kennedy administration!

Speaking of the history units: I need to get cracking on the final check of the last volume if I'm to have any hope of getting it printed before the end of the year.

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