Monday Timewaster: Sane or Not?

I'm admitting defeat: I will not accomplish anything much at the office today, so I'm putting my limited attention span to work at Sane or Not?

In this case, I have to deduct points for not sizing the image correctly so that all the letters would be visible (Or wait, is that a commentary on how even this slogan about the inability of cramming one's complex views onto a sign can't fit onto a sign? Meta!) and add points for Photoshopping Beohner's head on the Coppertone girl's body. (Click and embiggen; it's worth it!)

Same concept — I'm too complex for this cardboard — in the sign on the right, but a much better execution.

Also worth clicking/embiggening? The fine print in the call-and-response rally chant in the sign on the right.

If you don't feel like rating the signs, at least check out the Sane and Take It Down a Notch sections for the best/worst signs.

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