I Totally Want This: I'm with Stupid Reasonable T-Shirt

The Rally to Restore Sanity isn't about calling names — it's about making connections. To that end, we've created this new twist on a classic: The Comedy Central Shop exclusive I'm with Stupid Reasonable T-shirt. It's a shirt that says, "I'm willing to bet that the person standing next to me is willing to carry on a completely sane, rational discussion of an issue, without resorting to shouting, bullying or grandstanding." (And if that turns out not to be the case? Just turn around, and the arrow will be pointing at someone else!)

Hmm. I'm going to the rally, but I was planning to wear my classic "The Fake News Is All I Need" shirt from Glarkware.

Ha! I love The Gouda News as well — especially after the Grilled Cheesus on Glee.

Other Glarkware classics include the Stapler and Good Grammar Costs Nothing.

I have the Stapler, although I insist on putting it in the dryer, so the logo is starting to crack. I always think about getting Good Grammar Costs Nothing, but then it seems like the law of the Internet would smite me. (Not that one; the one about how any post pointing out a previous poster's grammatical/spelling error will contain at least one error in grammar and/or spelling.)

One I haven't seen before but which I kind of covet is the Hummingnerd. It just makes me laugh.

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