I was poking around the Bay Village branch last night and stocked up on all kinds of audio delights, including a few items from the NPR Road Trips series. Thus, on my way to and from work I can hear about all kinds of cheese-tastic roadside attractions that I totally want to visit, like the Velveteria, a velvet painting museum in Portland, Oregon, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, and the Eisner American Museum of Advertising and Design in Milwaukee.

Sadly, the Velveteria closed its Portland location in January, so I'm a few months too late on that one. I can enjoy all the gaudy goodness from the comfort of my couch, though, so maybe that's a win-win. The Neon Museum can be a stop on my eventual trip to Vegas, though, and who hasn't wanted to go to Milwaukee to recreate the opening to Laverne and Shirley, à la Wayne and Garth? In the meantime, I'll just watch the Burma-Shave presentation on the museum's Web site and poke around the virtual tour. 

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