Fried and Melted

I'm going to Melt for dinner tonight — for the second time this week. Score!

I have been thinking about what to order all day . . . well, okay, between meeting several times with a freelancer about pesky layout issues in a new series of books and sending a preface that will appear in all twelve books in said series back to an editor for revision, among other tasks that have pretty much fried my brain. 

Anyhow, after poring over the menu, I am 90 percent sure that I'm going to go with the Westside Monte Cristo:

For the uninitiated, It's a ham and turkey sandwich with Swiss and American cheeses that is beer battered and fried. I saw some kid at the next table have one on Tuesday, and I have been a fan of the whole Monte Cristo concept ever since Nicole made Luke take it off of his menu

(In other news, Scott Patterson is supposed to be in some show on NBC this fall. I'm semi-intrigued, but not squee-ing yet.)

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