I fell behind on my television watching last week — a mixture of frenzied cleaning early in the week, followed by frenzied cheering late in the week — and am still not caught up.

I did manage to locate all of last week's American Idol episodes — something that would be easier on a DVR, but I'm still not getting one. Old school all the way! — and watch those last night, because I was finding it more and more difficult to remain unspoiled about who got the boot last Thursday. (For example, I had to not read any of my many RSS feeds related to AI, which put a severe crimp in my goofing off at the office.)

Anyhow, apparently some people are upset about the results, but since I don't really like anybody except Crystal this year anyway, I can't get too worked up over them. Okay, okay: I am a smidge bummed about the boys, but my overwhelming joy at never seeing creepy Lilly again makes it totally worth it. Besides, it is a truth universally acknowledged that Lambchop Mullet and Todrick were not going to win anyway. I would, however, have preferred seeing them again and not one-trick-ponies Latino Neck Tattoo and Lee. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I think I'll continue wasting time this morning by watching the latest Idolatry videos on EW.com

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