Stream of My Consciousness

Today's Earworm

"TiK ToK" by Ke$ha was on Seacrest's show every hour on the hour this morning, plus on the radio when C and I were eating lunch, plus I saw her perform it on Jimmy Fallon's show the other week, so I keep wanting to bust out her little choreography moves while the chorus runs on repeat through my head.

I love this crazy quad-vision version from YouTube. 

Today's Separated at Birth

Also during lunch: While Mel Kiper Jr. was on ESPN yammering about Tim Tebow and the draft, I kept wanting to call him Chandler.

Today's Best. Purchase. Ever.

I can't believe I ever hesitated to buy the super-sticky label pads from the good people at Post-It.

I saw them at Office Max a week or so before I went on Christmas vacation, but put them back on the shelf. Then I saw a ton of commercials for them during vacation, desired them mightily from the depths of my soul, and ended up picking up a pack the other week. 

Since then I've successfully applied them to a set of boxes I sent over to the other office for storage in the archives. Right now I'm using them to list the contents of some other boxes on the outside of said boxes since my X-ray specs are on the fritz

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