Coming Apart at the Seams

I lost a button from my cardigan, but I didn't realize it until I was getting dressed this morning. Since it was already dangerously close to eight o'clock, I yanked it on anyway and decided no one would notice . . . until I blogged about it, at least. I never button my cardigans anyhow, so the gap isn't that noticeable. 

I was also going to complain about the crick in my neck, a little thank-you gift from my body to show its appreciation for my decision to curl up in a ball underneath an electric blanket for hours on end during this cold snap, but it's not like I'm being slowly crushed by the rubble of my collapsed apartment building or anything, so I should just shut up and go send the Red Cross some money or something.

1 comment:

  1. This was a brilliant idea.Anything to keep us warm and not fall sick due to the killing chill.