Threadbared: Ho Ho No.

My sister mentioned Threadbared to me during a phone conversation last night. She had read the book and enjoyed it immensely, and since I had just finished telling her about Pronto Chili*, she said I should look up the Web site and enjoy the mockage.

Sadly, after the duo finished their book, they slacked off on the Web site, so no new entries have been posted since '07. We can still enjoy a little holiday cheer (or holiday cringing), though — check out
Ho Ho No, which includes the following decorating suggestion:

* Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mom and I were laughing at the recipes in the
Campbell's soup cookbook I blogged about the other week, especially "Pronto Chili" on page 111. Ingredients: 1 can Campbell's chili, 1 can full of water. Recipe: Empty can of chili into a medium saucepan, add water, stir.

Hand to God, that's (essentially) what it said, and for whatever reason we found it the funniest thing on earth — you know how you can't even breathe because you're laughing so hard? Like that. Anyhow, my mom said that the next time my cousin Stephanie complained that she couldn't cook, she would show her that. Sigh. Good times.

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